The New SLO Personal Contact Manager Gets An Upgrade!

With a quiet launch on the 1st of May, we've been talking to many different small business owners and are thrilled so many are interested in using the new SLO Personal Contact Manager. It was good when we launched, but it's better now ...

We've always been great at feedback with our blogging platform. In fact, it has grown in functionality over the years with our clients suggesting things they'd like to see included and us creating it for them, then rolling it out to all of our clients' blogs.

"We've done the same for our contact manager too!"

We've included a link at the bottom of the main list so that all our users can suggest new features. We had a whiteboard full of our own ideas and user suggestions last week, now the whiteboard is clear and we're rolling out an upgrade.

Here are the new features:

- Firstly, we have themes. This was suggested by the lovely Kirsty Parris who has a very strong purple theme in her business, so why wouldn't we create that feature?

We now have 12 custom themes, each with its own colour scheme and more are to follow adding in some seasonal fun. Simply, open the dialog box called THEMES in the top-right menu, click the theme you want and it all changes. Switch between themes whenever you like.

  • Because of a couple of training courses we ran for new users, we saw that some of them wanted to add a contact to multiple sections at the same time. So, we created Advanced Sectioning. Originally, this was only fixed to one section for speed and ease of use, now you can switch it on and off when you need it.

  • Again from our training courses, a couple of users wanted to hide some of the Keep In Touch options. So, if someone never uses Twitter, then what's the point of showing the link for it? Same with Facebook and LinkedIn, so if you never use these platforms, hide them.

    And that goes for the Website icon as well! Some of our contact manager users work B2C which means they're not interested in looking at a contact's website ... they probably don't have one ... so we can hide that as well.

  • And finally, what if you're B2C and you don't need to include a company name? One of our users works with brides and has no need for a company name. Guess what? You can hide it now, giving more space for other columns.

    We're really pleased that we're getting some great feedback from users of the new SLO Personal Contact Manager and we love that they all feel comfortable enough to make suggestions when they want something added or changed.

    "Want to take a look for yourself?"

    If you're a small business owner who's been looking for a way to organise and reach out to everyone they know, then do take a look at the new SLO Personal Contact Manager. We'd love to give you a demo and show you just how awesome it is.

    If you're interested in blogging for your business, do call us on 0333 335 0420 or leave a comment below and let's see how we can help you.