The New SLO Personal Contact Manager Is Incredibly Flexible

Everyone has their favourite social media channels and they can all be connected to with the new SLO Personal Contact Manager. However, what happens if you never use a particular channel? Isn't it a waste of space? Yes, it is! So just hide it ...

The new SLO Personal Contact Manager (SLO|PCM) is a very flexible contact manager that allows you to organise and reach out to everyone you know. We've included all the usual social media channels as connectors so you can simply click an icon and go through to that contact's profile on that platform.

"But many people don't use Twitter and a lot of us don't use Instagram!"

So, what's the point of wasting space in your contact manager or having grey boxes on-screen all the time? The simplest solution is to go into the Flags dialog box and uncheck the social media channels you don't use. You can turn on and off the Website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram then simply hit the update, button and your SLO|PCM will refresh, either showing or hiding those particular channels.

In fact, you could remove all of them if you wanted to, so the Keep In Touch column would only show the SMS, Phone and Email icons and you'd have a lot more space for the contact's name and company too, although you can rename these channels if you'd like to.

There are many other tweaks you can make to your contact manager to personalise it to you, and always remember, it was designed for small business owners, by a small business owner, containing everything a small business owner needs.

"Want to take a look for yourself?"

If you've been looking for a way to organise and reach out to everyone they know, then do take a look at the new SLO Personal Contact Manager. We'd love to give you a demo and show you just how flexible it is.

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