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Another Upgrade For The New SLO Personal Contact Manager

Feature requests do work ...

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Posted by Steffi Lewis on 01/06/2021 @ 8:00AM

It's always great to act on feature requests, and we recently had one of our SLO Personal Contact Manager (PCM) users asking for more custom sections. It's really interesting because we thought 16 was good enough ...

The new SLO Personal Contact Manager gets another upgrade!

The new SLO Personal Contact Manager gets another upgrade!

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It didn't take much thinking to add 32 sections to PCM, just time to twiddle behind the scenes and duplicate a lot of code. What we did need to think about was redesigning the Settings dialog box to accommodate double the custom sections that we had before.

"Moving records from one section to
another was also requested!"

We were thinking of putting that in there anyway because if you want to reorganise your custom sections, you'd have to move each record individually. Moving lots of single records is straightforward if you're using Simple Sectioning, but with Advanced Sectioning, it meant expanding each record individually then clicking the update button. A bit of a pain if you ask us and our users agreed.

So, now there are 32 custom sections you can use, and an easy way to bulk move records from one to another. We're also working on a few other tweaks and changes to PCM so watch this space for other updates around the Industry and new Location dropdown menus ... coming soon.

We'd better get the user guide updated too.

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