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About Our 30-Day Free Trial

Our 30-day free trial is how you get started with us. We create one of our custom blogs for you and connect it to all of your own social channels. We'll pick a working day to publish and send you reminder emails to get writing

We'll build you a custom blog using our own secure, feature-rich marketing platform

Then we'll send you regular reminders to jot down your raw thoughts and email them over

Put the working title in an email subject line, dump your thoughts into the body and send it


We'll edit your words for spelling, grammar and SEO then add all the bells and whistles

Then we'll find an eye-catching, fully licensed metaphor image to go with it

And publish it on your custom blog the very next morning for all the world to see


We'll share it, you share it, and many of our other clients will share it too

And we'll feature it on that morning's SLO Show, a Facebook live broadcast weekdays at 9am

And the great thing is, you get to do this a further three times as part of your 30-day free trial!

Once your 30-day free trial is over, we'll have a conversation about how you want to continue working with us. Pick from our range of add-on services, set up your direct debit and let's create your perfect online marketing channel

If you want to keep blogging on one of our custom blogs then we can modify the domain name to suit you (either blog.yourcompany.com or www.yourname.com), add an SSL certificate and improve overall branding

If you wish to blog inside your own website, then our custom blog will be hidden away and removed from Google's indexes. You will need to provide us with login details so we can access your website each week to create your blog posts

Although this is a month-by-month subscription, we recommend you give it at least 6-months to allow your blog to 'bed-in' and start having an effect on your website's Google ranking (if that's what is important to you)

A direct debit to a UK bank account is required and there is a month's notice to quit. You must pay any invoices issued during your notice period