New Content Creation Service From SLO Media

One of the things our clients have been asking about for a while is a unique daily content creation service for people on their social media feeds. We’ve been doing it for ourselves for a while now, and are now offering the same to our clients ...

First of all, what is content? Well, it's photos, it's videos, it's marketing images based around a specific message which are shared daily onto Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Each one is unique and each one has messages attached around a particular subject.

"This is usually on a theme for the month!"

For example, one of our clients had a special menu at their local restaurant and another had an art initiative at a local gallery. Another shot four iPhone videos about what's going on with their industry and sent them over for us for finishing and uploading.

Whatever our clients need, whatever their theme for the month, we create it for them. They just let us know the message they want to get across and hey presto, a month's worth of content they can share out every single day.

But what makes SLO Media content different from the norm? Well, this is the clever part. We track it! Yes, that's right, every piece of content we create for our clients is trackable. We do that by including a link in the associated messaging we share for them. All the content we created for them that month is included on a hidden project page so our clients can see the number of click-throughs to wherever they want the link to point.

Here's the project page for our own November 2020 BSECR promotion that is tracking in realtime. Why not take a look and see how it's working for us!

And we'll do the sharing for them as well. From Facebook pages and groups to Twitter and Linkedin; if our clients want us to share this content along with their blogs, web pages and YouTube videos then it's all part of the service and we'll get on it each month for them.

"You don't have to be one of our blog subscribers for us to create content for you!"

We have a number of businesses that shoot their own videos each month then send them over to us by WeTransfer. We'll take those videos, top and tail them with our clients own branding and contact details them put them on a project page with suggested text and a trackable link.

Our new content creation service is just £150 for a month's worth of marketing images with suggested text and a trackable link on a project page. For videos, we offer a weekly editing service at the same price and our clients can choose if they want to invoice per project or if they really like what we do, set up a direct debit to make it happen every month.

Why not take a look at our Content Gallery to see what we've been working on for our clients?

If you're interested in blogging for your business, do call us on 0333 335 0420 or leave a comment below and let's see how we can help you.