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Frequently Asked Questions

We're always happy to answer any question you may have about how we blog, share, email, content and repeat for you, week in, week out. Here are a few we've already been asked, some quite technical, some not so much

Can you give me more detail on the blogging process?

You decide if we work on one of our feature-rich custom blogs with detailed visitor analysis (still in your own domain), or on your own website. Either method works for us as the workflow is the same

Choose whether you want us to write for you each week or if you'll send us your raw thoughts. This is an all or nothing kind of thing. Our clients who have the time will write themselves, those that don't have the time will ask us to write for them instead

We'll send you email reminders to get writing 72-hours, 48-hours and 24-hours before that week's publication date. Get writing and reply with your raw thoughts or tell us what you want us to write about. A URL of something you've read is perfect and we'll deplagerise it for you so it's an original piece of writing.

If we don't hear from you by our 10am (ish) deadline, we'll recycle an older post that week to ensure your brand, your knowledge and words of wisdom are out there each and every week

We'll produce a finished, polished blog post for you with perfect spelling and grammar, a licensed image, great SEO and all the bells and whistles your blog post needs to get noticed

Your blog post will be published on your custom blog or website the next morning, then shared to our own channels around 8am. We'll include it in any Facebook Live broadcasts we're doing that day for additional promotion

What platform do you use?

We've developed our own platform in-house and call it Steffi/CMS after our founder. It has the best bits of Wordpress, to create blogs, but also includes similar functionality to Hootsuite and MailChimp too! So instead of using many different platforms, with different interfaces, there's just one that lets us work efficiently. It's also very secure.

We've been refining and enhancing Steffi/CMS for nearly 10 years and it is a hugely functional and stable platform. From a client's perspective, it's incredibly easy to use!

What modifications do I need to make to my DNS to have one of your custom blogs?

If you are an individual using your own domain name then go into your Advanced DNS settings and either modify the www record if it is available or create a new one called www. In the IP number box, enter then click update

If you already have a website at www and want to create a new blog record that points at our servers, go into your Advanced DNS and add a new A record called blog. In the IP number box, enter then click the update button

I'm an individual rather than a business, what domain name should I use?

We always recommend that an individual uses their own name when claiming their space on the web. You may not be able to get a dot com with your own name, but there are many other 'top-level domains' available.

We'll certainly help choose the right one for you, will register it for free and renew it for you each and every year you're blogging with us

I have a website already created in Wordpress. Can you update the blog in it?

Yes we can! Our workflow is exactly the same whether you have one of our custom blogs or we publish blog posts in your Wordpress website. You will have to trust us with your username and password though

Can you still do social sharing and send blog mailers if I use Wordpress?

Of course! Our social sharing and blog mailer tools can work wherever we publish your blog posts. Yes, we always prefer you have a custom blog on our platform because of the additional functionality and tracking, but it really doesn't matter either way

Many Internet guru's have read a book and think they know it all
What are your credentials?

Our Founder, Steffi Lewis, started her IT career during the PC revolution of the late 80s, published her first website for the Open University in 1994, founded a web design company in 1997, was involved with the dot-com boom in 2000, started blogging in 2006 whilst working in California, then launched Steffi/CMS in 2011

In years worth of experience, we're now over 30 years of working with computers, the Internet and the World Wide Web. So quite a bit more experienced than most!

Why should I work with you rather than do it myself?

You may start off blogging a couple of times a week, but over time, you will lose your mojo, slow down your posting rate and eventually stop. We're with you every step of the way and edit, write, publish, share and email your words of wisdom for you, week in, week out

You could spend up to 10 hours a week doing your own online marketing, but if you think about your hourly rate, it makes a lot of sense to get us to do it for you. Besides, we're sure you could think of far better things to do with that time than just sitting at your computer slogging away!

How do your fees work?

You can choose the best time of the month for you to pay us by Direct Debit, either on 1st, 7th, 14th, 21st or 28th of each month. There is no VAT due on any of our services at this time. Any invoices issued within your notice period must be honoured