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About Our Blog Mailers Add-On Service

Another great add-on service where we create an email from your latest blog post each week and send it straight to the inbox of your entire mailing list. We'll look after your list and ensure it stays GDPR compliant at all times

We'll create a blog mailer when we do your blog post and send it to for approval at the same time

You can then approve it or make whatever changes you'd like us to include

When we publish your blog post, we'll email your blog mailer out too!

Each blog mailer includes tools to unsubscribe from your list ensuring people don't receive unwanted email. We regular run our automated list clean-up tools to remove any duplicates and ensure you're not sending email to anyone who doesn't open it


About Our Blog Boosting Add-On Service

With organic reach dropping how are you going to get eyeballs on your words of wisdom? We can boost your blog posts to Facebook using custom audiences

Tell us how much you want to spend each week on boosting your latest blog post

We'll define a custom audience on Facebook, to choose who you'd like us to target

And set the boost to run for the next 6 days to ensure maximum reach and engagement

Our fantastic blog boosting add-on service is the easiest way to improve the reach of your blog posts by at least 10 times, maximising your engagement!