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4 Reasons You Need To Start Business Blogging

Does everyone know you exist?


Posted by Steffi Lewis on 11/05/2021 @ 8:00AM

Every business owner wants to increase interest in their brand and business blogging is a great way of doing just that. If you're looking for that perfect marketing channel that can bring you a whole wealth of benefits, then read on ...

When you work with us, business blogging becomes really, really easy for you!

When you work with us, business blogging becomes really, really easy for you!

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Whenever we meet a new prospect, their first question is "what can business blogging do for me?" and we give them some simple reasons why they need to start a blog:

  1. Get seen on Google ...

    Blogging has a proven effect on your website's Google ranking. If you're adding fresh new content to your blog each week then it has to!

    All new blog posts we create for our clients, the Stefferati, are added to Google within a few hours of publication. We always look at your blog post submission, decide what your primary key phrase is and ensure it's featured in all the right parts of your finished post.

  2. Get heard above the background chatter of social media ...

    Whether your customers and clients are on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, then sharing your blog posts to these platforms ensures you're giving your followers something good to read.

    There's so much noise on social media that quality writing always gets noticed and people will read what you have to say, especially as we always choose a great image to go with your words.

  3. Grow trust and authority with customers, clients and prospects alike ...

    You may have the prettiest website in the world and it may be packed with loads of information about why you're the best in your industry, but if it never changes, how is it going to convince visitors that you do, in fact, know what you're talking about?

    We always say that 'if you're website is your shop window, then your blog is most definitely your front door!" Your website shows people what you do, and your blog convinces them to do business with you.

  4. Get referrals from your business network because they can see you're an expert ...

    Referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations really are the best form of business networking. You could spend your life at endless breakfasts, lunches and dinners, but if your business contacts don't know what you do (and can't see how you fit with their own clients and contacts) how are they going to refer you?

    By blogging regularly, they're going to know more about you, like you better as a person of authenticity, and trust that you're going to do a good job, which in turn gives them kudos for making a great referral!

  5. Be thought of before people dive into search ...

    99% of everyone you're connected to is in the 'don't need now, but need in future' mindset and are happy to keep in touch with you via your blog, email and social media. But what about when they become part of the 1% and move into the 'need now' mindset? Wouldn't it be nice to be thought of before they dived into search?

    Having a well-read and frequently published blog means that your brand, your personality and your words of wisdom get remembered and they'll be in touch with you first, before your competition.

Oh, wait! That was five great reasons!

Well, yes, that's right, at SLO Media, we always try to underpromise and over-deliver to our clients and our own blog posts are no exception. Put simply, these are the four five main reasons you'll want to start business blogging and working with us couldn't make it simpler for you to do just that.

We do all the work and you get all the glory? What's not to like about that?

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