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Keep Calm And Carry On Marketing

Time to think outside the box ...


Posted by Steffi Lewis on 18/01/2021 @ 8:00AM

With lockdown continuing around the country, it's sad to see the impact it's having on businesses of all kinds right now. I don't think anyone who has customers and clients has not been affected by this ...

Keep calm and carry on marketing!

Keep calm and carry on marketing!


Thankfully, the Government has pulled out all the stops to support the country and although criticised for initially being slow off the mark, I think the Prime Minister and his team and doing great work to support every one of us with new initiatives.

"Even here at SLO Media, we're being affected!"

Not directly as we're an online company; as long as our data centre keeps running, our comms stay connected and power remains to Steffi HQ, we'll be ok, but it is having an impact on those small businesses we work with.

Some have had to shut down entirely, some have had all their future contracts and appointments cancelled and some are losing customers simply because people don't want to spend any money on what they see as non-essential purchases.

This crisis won't last forever, so there is light at the end of the tunnel. Many of us may already have had COVID-19 and didn't even know, many will get it and suffer only mild symptoms, and vaccines are being rolled out by our amazing NHS and the wonderful doctors and nurses who work in it.

And when we are cleared to return back to work, then the economy will spring back to life, and the products and services we promote will be in demand once more. It's those businesses who are ready to go and still in the mind of their customers who will benefit the most.

"So keep calm and carry on marketing!"

Yes, people may not be able to visit your premises and they may not be buying your products and services right now, but if you pull your horns in, mentally shut down and stop promoting what you do, then you will need to restart from zero when the time comes.

So shoot and share some product videos, start blogging with advice from your wealth of knowledge, start posting hints and tips that people can use themselves and if you have a mailing list, keep in touch with the people on it, just don't spam them in a panic. Think of different ways you can keep your name and your brand out there.

"Now is the time to think outside the box!"

A few examples off the top of my head: a chef can share low-cost recipe blogs, an exercise teacher could do quick workout videos, a spa could share home beauty tips and a graphic designer could create daily memes to cheer people up.

Seriously, don't panic. This may be the biggest thing to face our country since the Second World War, but we will get through it and those small businesses that are still marketing will be the ones that benefit the most when we do.

To steal a phrase from the days of the blitz spirit, I'll just say this to all my clients, business friends and any small business owner who needs it ... keep calm and carry on marketing!

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